1 exposure level

The first level exposition “Belarus is our home” is dedicated to biological diversity, the uniqueness of the Belarusian nature, as well as the first environmental problems that arose in Belarus.
On the first floor of the museum you will see numerous inhabitants of the forests, meadows and reservoirs of Belarus. The exhibition presents a large number of birds: from the smallest in the Northern Hemisphere - the goldcrest (Regulus regulus) to one of the largest - the mute swan (Cygnus olor).
The second theme of the exposition level is the first environmental problems. The contradictions between man and nature appeared in antiquity. The extermination of mammoths, bison and other large species 15-10 thousand years ago can be considered the first environmental crisis. The remains of extinct animals, such as mammoth bones and horns of the legendary tour, are presented to your attention. Archeology items related to the history of hunting and fishing supplement the exposition.